God of Chaos

I am Loki Liesmith.

I am the patron God of trouble-makers, risk-takers and vigilantes.

Chaos, deceit and manipulation are my domains.  I will not ask you to kneel, but bending over? That's not out of the question~

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Liesmith was a highly focused thing, so he did not often venture into dimensions that were not related to his line of work. But today he needed a break from it all. From twins, from needless drama- from the ever present threat of Thanos looming over his head.

He strolled aimlessly through a park… not quite at peace with this world. It was so quiet and removed from chaos and war. There were no superheroes or villains running a muck- but Liesmith noticed that something ancient was subtly laced into the air.

Hmm… perhaps this realm had Old Gods.